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The European Union and Japan concluded a Free Trade Agreement in 2018. It will bring substantial benefits to both economies and one of the many benefactors will be the small and medium size enterprices (SMEs).

Both EU and Japan have currently rather high market entry barriers and therefore the SMEs on both sides have been reluctant to venture to a distant and difficult to enter market. The FTA will open the doors to numerous new opportunities, not only to SMEs, but for all market players alike.

We at the EU - Japan Consulting & Associates Co.,Ltd. are market entry specialists. The members have long practical experience in creating new business in both the EU and the Japanese markets. We have a deep understanding of the issues, which make market entry especially difficult for SMEs, but also for larger companies.

Our focus will be to assist in:
- Identifying your company's business opportunity
- Creating a market entry plan
- Implementing the plan step by step

Our past success is based on the solid and reliable advice and the practice of assisting our clients with the actual implementation.

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