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Serlachius Corporation
  • In the 1980s the Office Automation ( OA ) revolution was emerging and Serlachius conducted joint research with Japanese hardware manufacturers in order to find suitable printing paper for the OA equipment such as copiers, printers and fax machines. This pioneering joint research was a big success and Serlachius became one of the main suppliers of OA papers in Europe for large Japanese hardware manufacturers.
  • Serlachius was one of the first Finnish log house manufacturers to enter the Japanese housing market with its Rantasalmi brand log houses. Serlachius succeeded in selling hundreds of houses to a major Japanese hotel group.
  • Serlachius was the first supplier of lignosulphonate ( a by-product of pulping process ) to a major Japanese soy sauce maker.
  • In 1983 Serlachius succeeded in selling high grade paperboard to the Japanese tobacco monopoly for cigarette boxes.
  • In 1985 Serlachius secures a new business supplying a major Japanese chemical conglomerate with silicone coated baking paper for the Japanese baking industry.

  • Successful start up of fixed income ( Scandinavian government and corporate bonds ) sales to major Japanese institutional investors.
Citibank, Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank
  • Successful start ups of Private Banking operations in Japan and subsequent build up of assets under management.
Konigstedt Ltd.
  • After the burst of the Japanese "bubble economy" the focus shifts to out bound business mainly due to the strong JPY, deflationary domestic economy and low interest rates.
  • During the past 10 years Konigstedt was instrumental in assisting many Japanese investors in setting up companies in several European locations, mainly in Holland, UK and Switzerland. Also Konigstedt advised several investors on their acquisition of existing companies.
  • Konigstedt adviced also many Japanese investors on their real estate acquisitions in the EU countries, namely several commercial properties and office buildings in London, Paris and Geneva.
  • Other property investments included
    - a university and a golf course in the UK
    - a medical clinic in Switzerland
    - several factories in Germany
    - a chateaux and a wine yard in France
  • Finally Konigstedt has assisted some of its wealthy clients with purchase and sale of fine arts, classic cars, a yacht and a wine collection.

EU Japan Consulting & Associates Co.,Ltd.
  • As explained throughout our website EUJC was established in late 2015 in Tokyo to assist companies from Japan and the EU with both inbound and outbound business.
  • In 2016 Erik moved to Geneva, Switzerland in order to set up an outbound base and network to assist Japanese companies in Europe. As a result EUJC has currently Associates based in France (1), UK (1), Germany (1), Switzerland (2) and Finland (1). Erik returned to Japan in June 2019 to concentrate on strengthening of the inbound business.

    Outbound operations:
  • EUJC has been successful in assisting in market research and identification and selection of importers for several Japanese companies in the fields of food products ( green tea, sake and beef ). Also we were able to find agents and business partners for companies in the fields of pest control ( establishment of EU headquarters in Switzerland ), software engineering and water purification technology. Some of these companies already had existing business in Europe but they were not successful due to various reasons. In this regards the EUJC team displayed its solid problem solving and negotiation skills derived from our long experience and knowledge of the environment.
  • In 2018 Erik was appointed as an advisor to Economic Development office of Canton of Vaud, Switzerland ( DEV ) based in Lausanne.
  • Currently EUJC is assisting in promoting Vaud to Japanese companies as a viable location to place their European business headquarters. Several major companies in the fields of engineering, IT and precision manufacturing have entered the final decision making process.
  • Furthermore, EUJC and DEV are contacting Japanese companies in the UK, who may want to re-locate their European Headquarters due to issues relating to Brexit. Canton Vaud offers various strong advantages to foreign companies such as its central location, competitive corporate tax rates and a stable working environment.

    Inbound operations:
  • After the signing of the EPA agreement between Japan and EU, we have seen more interest from European companies towards Japan.
  • EUJC is currently working with several companies with their entry process into the Japanese market such as a paper manufacturing company, a building material company and a health drink manufacturer from Finland. Others include a cosmetics company and a dairy products company from Switzerland, a laboratory equipment manufacturer from Germany and a whisky distillery from Scotland.
  • In order to have the maximum support and coverage EUJC also works very closely with JETRO and other Japanese organization as well as the Commercial Sections and Business Hubs of the various European countries.
  • We hope that more European companies will consider starting or boosting their business in Japan and therefore our goal is to further strengthen the EUJC team and give ever better advice to our clients.
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