• Broad connections with government and business leaders
  • Varied working experiences in the financial, real estate and entertainment industries as executive officer
  • International minded personality and diverse knwoledge on various industries
  • The Nippon Kangyo Bank,Ltd (which was merged with Daiichi Bank in 1971 and became Daiichi Kangyo Bank. Now known as Mizuho Bank ) 1969-1998 Started with domestic banking market, foreign exchange, loan business etc.
  • A wide variety of positions at Daiichi Bank and Daiichi Kanyo Bank from 1978 -1996
  • Nippon Tochi Tatemono Co., Ltd. (got transferred to this company affliated with Daiichi Kangyo Bank. It was ranked 10th in the real estate industry). Started as Executive Managing Director in 1998 and took the prosition as Representative Director & Senior Executive Managing Director in 2002.
  • Kangyo Nittochi Hambai Co., Ltd. (now known as Nippon Tochi Tatemono Hanbai after merger). Executive Deputy President from 2002 and Representative Director & President from 2004 (increased sales and profits by more than double and attained first place in the Service Industry for comprehensive business strenght By Nikkei MJ's survey.
  • Lakewood Corporation. Representative Director & President from 2008 (Restored a failed prestigeous country club into black roughly in a year. Held autonomous authority for all sales strategies, HR, IT, customer service, etc.)
  • Intellex Co., Ltd. (Real estate company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange). Executive Advisor from 2013 to present. Special counsellor to several companies.
  • Waseda University, BA (Faculty of Political Science and Economis), 1969
  • Euro-Japanese Exchange Foundation (English language school), London 1982
  • International Management Institute (IDI, now known as IMD after merger with IMEDE), Swizerland, Master of Business Administration 1983

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