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Erik arrived in Japan with his parents (see note) in 1965 when he was a 3rd grader.

Erik is a graduate of Nishimachi International School, Helsingin Lyseo and Sophia University's International Dept., Economics Faculty in Tokyo.

In 1979 Erik joins Serlachius Corp., (current Metsa Group) a major Finnish paper and pulp manufacturing conglomerate and opens their Representative Office in Tokyo. During the seven years with Serlachius, Erik succeeded in opening several new businesses for them.

In 1987 during the height of the Japanese "bubble economy" Erik makes a career switch to the financial sector and joins Finland's largest bank Kansallis-Osake-Pankki (current Nordea Bank) to assist in the start-up of their fixed income sales to Japanese institutional investors.

In 1989 Erik joins Citibank to assist in the start-up of their Private Banking business in Japan. In the following years Erik is instrumental in two more major Private Banking start-ups, namely Credit Suisse in 1991 and Deutsche Bank in 1998. In 2000 Erik joins the Ullner family company Konigstedt Ltd., which his father C-E Ullner had set up in London. Currently Erik is the President of EU Japan Consulting and Associates Co., Ltd., which succeeded Konigstedt Ltd. in 2015 and is based in Tokyo.

Erik's father, C-E Ullner was a pioneer businessman from Finland and he worked in many capacities in Japan until 1980. C-E Ullner worked for Dentsu Advertising Agency, he was the first Commercial Attache in the Embassy of Finland in Tokyo and later opened the offices of major Finnish industrial firms such as Finnpap, Nokia, Wartsila and Valmet.

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